Thursday, April 12, 2012


When a friend of mine called me and asked if I wanted to help her work an event and "watch people drink wine", I figured why not! Little did I know I would be attending, and offering my free manual labor (oh the life of a freshman intern), to help at an interactive photo shoot orchestrated by Miles Aldridge and wine tasting event for Kim Crawford's new line.

There was dancing, caviar, truffles, oh and of course the drag queens. 
Unfortunately, we were too busy vacuuming, guarding the caterers, and serving the models to actually participate in the photo shoot. However, many of the guests--including Alexa Chung and a few Real Desperate Housewives-- hopped onto sets (like the one above) and had their 15 seconds of fame.

Lets toast to 15 more!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Seen on the Streets

2nd Ave and 10th

1st Ave and 7th

4th Ave and 9th

4th Ave and 9th

Broadway and Bond
"I Love You" Wall

An alley in Montmartre


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Creating and Procrastinating

Once again, a Tuesday night full of noble studious possibilities thwarted by my magazine scraps, scissors, and tape. You win this time Scotch, you win. And probably next time. 

OH AND I FINALLY GOT AN INSTAGRAM. Thank you Droid. Follow me @sophieeanna.


Saturday, March 31, 2012

In Mourning

of my favorite sunglasses. may they rest in peace, lost somewhere in a coffee shop nestled in the LES.
In Loving Memory

Currently listening to:
Paris Wells
Let's Get It Started

Great video, don't know why who what were why I have never seen it until now. I bet she would have liked my sunglasses. 


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Museum Mile

So as I pointed out in a previous post, NYU makes up for its lack of frat parties with a plethora of museum tours. Between visiting the modern MoMA and the ecclectic Whitney Biennial, I spent my weekend wandering the museum mile on the Upper East Side. 


The Whitney

My favorite piece is pictured above, a photo series of letters by Moyra Davey entitled "We Are Young and We Are Friends of the Times". Here's a short little response I wrote about it while at the gallery:
They cover the wall. Not top to bottom, side to side, but somehow the twenty-six rectangular prints seem to encompass the whole side of the gallery. Natural folds and creases make these prints seem touchable, personal, until it becomes clear that they aren’t. They are pieces of art in a museum. They are blown-up versions of intimate letters. The scratches, tears, words, creases are magnified and pinned up to a wall for us to read. But we cannot see the whole message—only single words. Letters. Farewell! Friday. Your’s truly. Adieu. However, it is not only the portions of scribbled out writing preventing us from fully being able to read these letters. We do not know the sender or receiver. We do not know the context and times during which these messages were sent. We do not know if there are coffee dribbles, teardrop stains or lipstick smudges on the original papers. We do not know the relationship, but we want to.


Saturday, March 24, 2012


So it's funny, right as I started to write this post, I got a little notification that my friend Sophia just posted her own little diddy about the Kooks Concert we attended together (along with a few other friends) at Terminal 5!

Great minds, same names, same blog posts.

It was our first time at Terminal 5 and my first real concert in the city. The show was packed, lively, bright, and full of British accents. No complaints.

Here's a little montage of the night. 
I love montages.
And music of course.