Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Single Girls Valentine's Day

So you wake up with a Smile, feeling like Miss Independent. You are a strong Independent Woman. You aren't like all those other Stupid Girls, so silly and lovestruck. They are Wannabes.

You and all the other Single Ladies in your life know that With A Little Help From My Friends, today is going to be about the power of singledom. You don't want No Scrubs anyway. 

Plus, even if you went on a First Date today, you'd have to tell him "My Humps are mine, I ain't no Hollaback Girl".  No, it's not because you Kissed A Girl, it's just a matter of class. Lets not get desperate here...

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, but by the late afternoon its hard to find fun all by yourself while nursing a venti black coffee in Starbuck's cutsie Valentine's Day themed cups. Your Facebook newsfeed is overflowing with red and pink and roses and hearts. 

You start to think back to your past flames thinking, "I Want You even though you hit it and quit it," or you begin imagining elaborate romantic declarations of devotion from the man you spent all your Summer Nights with. You see him running towards you in slow motion in the pouring rain and hear him shout "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend!"

But "Snap back to reality". You may be single, but you are not alone. So before you check into the Heartbreak Hotel, just remember that you may have 99 Problems this February 14th, but most likely, you also have a SexyBack.


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